Monday, September 28, 2009

do crocodiles make noises?

The infamous Christopher Kane animal print shirt. His latest collection for Topshop released the crocodile print. At first I was a little skeptic, but now me likey. I wasn't sure how the dress should be worn because the models for the campaign wore them baggy and I wasn't too crazy about it. I have been waiting to seen his collection worn in public and when I saw this picture I thought, "Wow, this is how you wear crocodile!" Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil snapped this shot during Milan fashion week for his blog. I must say I really do like it, with of course the right shoes and accessories. I can't really say this woman would be my first choice to wear it, but the dress caught my eye. I kind of want the shirt, but I remembered it sold out a while ago. Does anyone know if his collection will restock soon, or even at all?


  1. yea, i don't this looks all that great baggy.. much better the way she's worn it here (although still totally overdone, haha =)

  2. I love the way the dress looks like a bodycon here and I think it's better! I'm not sure if they're going to restock it though! xoxoxo

  3. Thank you so much for adding me to your links! It means so much to me <3