Monday, November 23, 2009

le trench

Ladeeees and gentlemen, I apologize for my absense. School has recently been taking over my life, Hooray! As I am preparing for my Thanksgiving respite I have less work, hence I have time for this post. I have so many pictures and ideas to share with you. Right now, I want to start with the trench coat. Yes, I know, you're probably thinking "how original". However, it's a classic and I couldn't help myself. Thanks to Scott Shuman for providing the inspiration on his recent posts on the Art of the Trench.
I have looked at many pictures of the trench by itself, worn by different people, and in the flesh. My mother owns the classic Burberry coat, unfortunatley it swallows me. I poured through pictures to see how other people wear the infamous coat, and I realized that there is no right way to wear it! I think that's why everyone seems to love the coat, well, that's why I do. The coat obviously goes with practically anything, I mean, that's why it's a classic. I can't pin down my favorite way to wear it, but what I see in the people who wear a trench coat is that they look sharp, bold and classy.

photo credit: the sartorialist

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