Monday, January 25, 2010

Bonjour! May I graciously apologize for my rather lengthy absence. My laptop was under maintenance for a mere 5 weeks, and you are thinking to yourself that is impossible. It's true, it's true. When I got my computer back I realized how behind I was in this world. The very few who read this blog have probably stopped because of lack of updates, and I don't blame them.
I am here to talk to you (if "you" exist) about ze one and only Hermès. I came across this photo as I was doing my daily browse of FashionGoneRogue. I am not sure if you have looked at FashionGoneRogue, but it truly is the most amazing website. Everyday updates on photo shoots, magazine covers, new campaigns and so much more. I highly recommend you ch-ch-check it out. Anywayzz I saw this ad and immediately stopped. First of all, it is Hermès aka you have to stop. Second, the beautiful Karlie Kloss is in it! and third, the color tone of the photo is so captivating. I think this is a lovely Hermès ad. The atmosphere's brilliant bright blue sky and soft deep blue ocean are very soothing. Karlie has an eye catching silhouette. I never thought that running down steep stairs in sky high heels could look so graceful, of course she can pull it off in a Hermès campaign. The color of her dress is very interesting; to me it looks like a matte grey sea foam green. And of course the shoes...the sandal pumps are so intricate and classic (Cinderella anyone?). Basically the ad makes me want to move to the Mediterranean and look super chic.


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