Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gerg Kadel shot this photo of Abbey Lee Kershaw for Numéro. I love the sensuality and natural tones of the photograph. I cannot wait to see earthy tones this spring!

I am extremely excited for spring/summer. My recent posts have had the ocean in them for a reason. I love (want) the beach and the sun. I cannot wait for natural colors and bronze toned skin to enter my life again. A couple of days ago Garance Doré posted pictures from her trip to Rio. These two shots fired my summer rush. In her post basically all of the women shot are wearing gorgeous, but simple white frocks, have wavy brown hair, and amazing tan skin (aka me after Mexico?).
Don't you get a Brooke Shields circa Blue Lagoon vibe from the second girl?!? YES.

update on previous post: Daria (my inspiration for verano) iz everywhere!

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