Tuesday, April 28, 2009

are you JELLIN'?

The jelly phenomenon is back, again! Jelly flats have slowly been making their way back within the past two years, but now it's showtime. Style.com's Maya Singer posted a blog on the return of these comfy shoes and it made me nostalgic for my hot pink jelly cage sandals and ridiculous lacy socks from my childhood. However, this time you won't be seeing any four year old's wearing lacy socks. The newest jellies are flats, gladiators, lace ups, wedges and heels. My experience with jellies have been strictly blisters and uncomfortable walks, but the jelly flat is now comfortable. I've owned a pair of glittered blue jellies for about a year now and I can suprisingly stand long walks blister free. The most popular jellies on the market are See by Chloe's gladiator jelly and Givenchy's lace up jelly. Although these are the newest and cutest, they come with a designer price. See by Chloe's gladiator is $125 and Givenchy's flat is $177. You would think that is a great deal for a high end designer shoe, but is rubber really worth that fee? What do YOU think?

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