Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ohmygawsh he's a STUD

I don't even think I can explain my new love for studded jeans. Maybe it's the twist between classic and wild. Perhaps, I'm nostalgic for some old school punk rock (I'm thinking Ramones or Sex Pistols). I can't put my finger on it. Those little shiny pieces of metal scattered on denim draw me in wanting more. Alexander McQueen, who might I add is the epitome of drama in fabric form, designed a sleek pair of jeans with round pewter studs along waist and pocket for his Target line. Bess designed a sleek pair of skinnies (picture below) with silver studs in the back pockets. Blank Denim has cut-off shorts drizzled in gold tone studs on waist and all pockets. What else is there to say?

courtesy of Jak & Jil blog

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