Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am sure all of you kept a close eye on the Met Ball this past Monday, I know I did. Everyone, well mostly everyone, looked amazing! I browsed excitingly through the photo galleries the next day at school. I'm pretty sure some of my friends hated me for poking them every minute making them look at the assortment of models, designers, and celebrities in their lavish outfits. I practically melted over some of the designs. There are too many favorites to put on here, but two specific people popped out at me: Daria Werbowy and Anne Hathaway.
Daria wore a black sequined Balmain dress and sky high black booties. I am not a huge fan of extremely low cut dresses, but 1) it was Balmain and 2) she rocked it. Her long wavy hair, smoky eyes and killer shoes gave a rock 'n roll vibe. Only Daria could have pulled this outfit off and I loooooved it.
Anne Hathaway. I don't think I can explain how perfect she looked. She owned the red carpet, owned it. She wore a plum Marc Jacobs dress that was ruched at the top and held together by an opened zipper in the middle. She paired the mahvelous dress with strappy, metallic heels, smoky makeup and voluminous hair. She looked stunning, she looked fierce!


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