Wednesday, May 27, 2009

street PEEPer III

Another chic Parisian woman...What's not to love? I love the length of the coat and how the buttons cross over.

(street peeper)

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  1. Hey Hollis! Love the coat! Very cute and unique. The crisscrossed closures and the three-quarter length sleeves make it special. Wish the weather in Houston supported the need for a collection of great coats, capes, sweaters, tights, and boots. Our winter season, or I should say, the season when it is less hot, is brief and rather weak. No snow storms. No snow days. Few artic blasts come our away to support the need for the many layered looks that I love so much. So much rambling about cold weather clothes when summer is here and it is hot and steamy. My final observation, Opening Ceramoney carries a sweater in cotton in both navy and tan that has a very similar look to this coat.Right now, they are even on sale -- what more could you ask for! Very cute blog. Keep it up!